Daintree Reflections


Destiny in Disguise Series Book 2 ( Although it continues from Book 1 it is an individual book in itself) pp419

“Suddenly there was an explosion in the centre of the billabong and a gigantic crocodile launched itself into the path of the incoming geese. The crocodile opened its massive jaws and seemed to hover in the air. 
The boys sat transfixed.”

In 1926 the real life Johnson family and a 15 year old redheaded English orphan called Ginger, they had befriended, ventured into the inhospitable but beautiful Daintree intent on starting a new life by clearing the massive trees and establishing a dairy. Ever present dangers that lurked in the rainforest kept the monotony of working the dairy at bay as the young family was confronted with huge saltwater crocodiles, taipans, wild pigs, constant torrential rain in the wet season, cassowaries, amethystine pythons and cyclones.

School was a wonder and a love for the girls but for the boys it was a trial. The severe discipline of the head teachers went against the free spirit that they possessed and many a confrontation was followed up by revenge, imagined but often carried through.

Did the ten children and their mate Ginger all survive the decade 1926 – 1936 as a family in the Daintree?

Not only read about their quest for survival but also the fun and mischief they got up to.


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